Quality polyethylene tank solutions


Duys Tanks are made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, Duys Tanks are used throughout Southern Africa for storing water, fertilisers, chemicals and any other liquid!

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Vertical tanks
Vertical Tanks

Vertical water tanks are space-efficient and compact, ranging from 250 – 10 000 litres. Perfect for storage of water, chemicals and other liquids across South Africa.

Horizontal tanks
Horizontal Tanks

These plastic water tanks can be used for all your liquid storage requirements, 250 – 6 500 litres. Lower your unit price of water consumption with rainwater harvesting! Available across South Africa.

Septic tanks
Septic Tanks

Our septic tanks are made from high-quality polyethylene plastic. They are easy to handle, install and clean. Available across South Africa.

Domestic tanks
Domestic Tanks

Duys domestic vertical storage tanks are the ideal solution for urban dwellers and domestic users with space restrictions that still require a high-capacity water storage solution.

Silo tanks
Agriculture Tanks

Our storage silos are ideal for storing and handling grain, molasses and bulk liquid feeds. Our agricultural silos are built tough to provide maximum strength and durability.

industrial plastic barriers & cones
Barriers / Custom

Duys Tanks also manufacturers various barriers as well as a range of secondary products from its high-quality polyethylene materials.

About us

Duys Tanks are a leading South African manufacturer of standard size and custom rotationally moulded water tanks and many other items.

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Duys Tanks

One of South Africa’s leading manufacturer of quality polyethylene tank solutions.

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A leading South African manufacturer of quality polyethylene tank solutions.